May, 2014

AR Educational App with interactive games. Kids can learn reading through fantastic story books and games full of fascinating stories and songs! Great game for babies too.

Your children can read the story as normal, but once they direct the phone or tablet camera to the pages, they are going to enter a whole new world with the AR techniques. Characters in the book come to life and play with your children.

Standing on the cutting-edge of the industry, AppOne is the forerunner of developing AR and VR application, AR and VR games in Hong Kong. With our experience of mobile app development, we are now developing AR and VR application, including AR games, VR games and VR 3d games.

On the contrary, we are exploring varieties of development. We have insight into the new trend in Facebook; and nevertheless, we have never stop the mobile app development of games with simple and traditional playing methods. Other than VR games, mobile app designs with simple and addictive natures will never fade out from the trend.