Facebook live reactions guessing
November, 2016

Facebook live reactions guessing
Facebook campaign is now a very common Facebook games. Time to you to have your own facebook campaign for more and more “likes”! Imagine having Facebook contests, live games, or poll events in real-time… now you can make it easy!

Game rules of the campaign:
– Facebook users vote for the options they selected by choosing the corresponding reaction.
– They must leave a comment with an answer to show their guesses for the total votes of that option.
– The one who votes for the most chosen option, and hit the exact (or the closest) answer to the total votes of the most chosen option, will win this guessing game.
– The Congratulations message will show at the end of the live video.

– Create entertaining live contests with Facebook campaign to attract Facebook users!
– Free to make any kinds of competition you want. It’s all up to your creativity!
– Set your live stream duration and when it ends, the winner’s name will show on the screen.
– Get attention and build your online presence in a natural way through the Facebook campaign!
– Run your game on fan pages, groups, timelines, etc …
– Create your own Facebook games quickly and anytime you want!
– Go for your fan pages’ likes!

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