AR and VR

VR & AR We devote our mind to the development of AV and VR games, and meanwhile investigating the development of MR (Mixed Reality Game), aiming at providing a platform for players to interact with the games and experience the feedback from the virtual reality. We do developing apps with AR support, making good use of this technique to break through the traditional app development. With this media, we can interact the virtual reality. Making the best of this hot topic into apps, leading our client to stand on the cutting edge of the market. Apart from using AR in gaming and photographing apps, map and navigating apps can also use AR to show the locations by combining photos. We, on the contrary, focus on the usage of VR (virtual reality), break through the normal development of mobile apps. We build a 3D virtual reality and bring the joys of sense to player, which is attractive to players, support our clients business achieving to the next level. Devices will display two screen after starting the VR mobile games. After wearing the VR devices, the vision differences of two eyes bring users experiencing the virtual reality. This techniques also support Oculus and HTC devices.