Facebook game

Facebook Game Through combining the Facebook gaming platform and powerful social networking function, we can accurately promote the games to more players and increasing visibility on the internet, therefore increase the number of players and followers. Game publisher can play the roles of doing and requesting advertising at the same time, which is publishing advertisements on Facebook and publishing Facebook’s advertisement in app, in order to increase the number of app download and gain a higher added value of the app.

Foreseeing the new trend of cross-platform game that habits of players has become more diversified, some of the game publisher re-develop mobile games to web version, and connect the original games mobile; plus making good use of Facebook’s diversified advertisement and target audiences, the percentage of retention and activeness players rise rapidly.

At the meantime, while classic media is becoming less and less effective when it comes to companies engaging with users, these are turning to the social networks to connect with their audiences. Facebook is of one the sites that allows users to communicate with their favourite brands and gives companies the possibility to incorporate unique features and interactive campaigns. Here are some examples of different campaigns.

Mercedes Benz | Drive & Seek
The prologue Accompanying the launch of the new Mercedes- Benz C-Class Coupé, the car manufacturer launched an aggressive online campaign that goes from an interactive short promo film to location-based gaming apps that can be connected with Facebook. Integrated into the campaign there is this Facebook game.

H&M | Your Very Best of Versace for H&M Polypore Competition
Anticipating the release of the Versace collaboration with H&M, the Swedish clothing company launched a contest in its Facebook site encouraging fans to create a Polypore set using the new Versace for H&M pieces for the chance to win an exclusive scarf from the collection (Donatella Versace picked the winner herself). What’s great about this campaign is that H&M focused on the target and teamed up with a leading fashion website (Polypore) that has a recreational component while unnoticeably forcing the viewers to check the whole Versace for H&M collection.

McDonald’s | The Quest for the Golden McRib
Celebrating the return for limited time of the famous McRib, McDonald’s launched the “The Quest for the Golden McRib” Facebook app to help promote the sandwich. It’s a virtual scavenger hunt to find the Golden McRib located in McDonald’s across the world. Questers had the opportunity to collect badges and share achievements on Twitter and Facebook.

Pepsi | Feeding America
Partnering with 7-Eleven convenience stores in the USA, the beverage company donates five cents from each 20-oz. Pepsi product purchased at a 7-Eleven store, doubling the donation if it involves checking in using Facebook Places.