Leisure game

All leisure games are designed by our professional project team, with programmers, game designers and story writers with creative and innovative minds. We with our heart listen to our clients, understand their needs and ideas before start designing the game; nevertheless, we also place great emphasis on players’ experience. The development schedule will be based on the game design schedule and will be finished on time. We provide client a package service, from propose game development plan, design, developing to kicking off the game.s

We place great emphasis on players’ experience. From game theme brainstorming, graphic and animation design, music arrangement to programming, we consider what the players need on every step of our development. We are aiming at attracting players, capturing their hearts and shocking them by brilliant auditory and visual effects; nevertheless, an exciting, or a soul stirring story to keep them playing. To be precise, “Who to play”, “What to play” and “How to play” is our main principles in game design.s

The game developing process generally includes:
1.Decide the flow of the game and story
2.Design the backbone of the game background
3.Decide gaming method
4.Design game content
5.Character design and settings
Other settings